The Beginning of a Long Journey

I started this blog to have all of the important information and updates for my solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in one nice place. Hopefully it will help to assuage fears that I have died of dehydration or been consumed by a bear.

My plan thus far is to start the trail. If I do that, in my mind I will be a success. Maybe I will do the whole thing or maybe I will get into medical school and need to move across the country on very short notice. Regardless I am overjoyed and not a little bit terrified to be putting my dream since middle school into action, hiking the PCT.

My wonderful father will be dropping me off in Campos, California, right on the Mexican border on April 23. I plan on checking in and posting pics here on this blog as well as updating my hiking plan and resupply point for those of you who might want to send me something delicious and light weight 😉

Here is a link to my plan with resupply addresses included:



One thought on “The Beginning of a Long Journey

  1. Robert Lucas

    All right, Alex, you’re on your way!! We’ll all be rooting for you either to finish, or to have abruptly turned the corner to enter med school.

    I thought the pictures you gave for contents of your backpack were great. I note that there were no pictures of clothing. I’m still puzzling through that. Is the purpose of the food to have something to feed the bear as a distraction and deterrent? If so, GREAT PLAN!!

    We’ll be watching your progress and putting a package together for you to pick up along the way.

    Those pictures of scenic views that await you are awesome!! I envy you that. In the meantime, don’t push too hard the first week. You have plenty of time to hike without getting into the rhythm too quickly.

    Bob Lucas

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